Monday, 27 February 2012

relational algebra. relational calculus.

having a hard time studying ICT (information & communication technology) subjects.
InsyaAllah i'll be taking ict as a minor.
cuz the interest is there.
after months contemplating whether i should take psychology or ict
in d end, ict it is.
Internet Applications is okay.
but Database Systems makin lame makin wow.
lagi2 bile da masuk bab maths2 ni
especially when i have no basics.
and most of the students da blaja kat matrix & diploma..
adeih.. but then, mane ade semue bende senang?
even Quran Sunnah subjects pon ade susah..

but as mom said.. "Nadiah da choose kan, so you have to go through it lah.."
ok omma..

إن مع العسر يسرا
you know you can!

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