Friday, 3 February 2012

a new blog. the same me.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Alhamdulillah.. Finally dengan rela hati dapat forego my old blog ( and created this new blog. The blog I've been using for 6 years; 2005-2011. Thanks lah. Don't know how frustrated I was when I realized that when I deleted my google account, it was associated to my blogger. And it was too late before I realized that I can actually recover it. =.=
But the good thing is that eventhough my access has been revoked, the url itself has not been deleted so I can still view it, for now. and I will transfer all existing posts to this account. Yes, as early as 2005. Haha.

Ok, tu muqaddimah je. As usual, this blog will be a spot for me to share anything that is related to my heart, mind and soul.

For the past 3 days, I've been attending aLIVE training held @ Masjid Al-Nahdhah.. We had looooots of fun and looooots of laughters. Being a trainee to become a trainer. Personally, I've gained lots of benefits, knowledge and values. And like what our trainers pointed out, something that we really want to leave an impact on our students should be done at the eeeeend of the class/programme. And yes, memang the very last activity tadi left a big impact on me.

It was an eye-opener. During the debrief, my memory started to flashback on all the wrongdoings and sins that with or without realizing, I had already destroyed Islam and my identity as a Muslim. When you did something bad, you might think you are still on the safe side and you will still get to Jannah, cuz you're a Muslim, but unrealizingly (is there such word) you are pulling yourself to Naar. Torn papers can't be joined back perfectly as its original state. So are we. Fitrah kite suci, tapi skali tercemar, kite nk betul-betulkan and tutup balik kesalahan kite pon da tak same lagi. At that point of time, I feel so powerless; Allah is omnipotent.

I'm trying my best to improve myself to become a better Muslimah. Doakan saye, doakan yang lain jugak. Guide me kalau saye tersasar.. Last words from me.. Takecare of your heart, mind & soul.. :')

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