Wednesday, 14 November 2012

new experience

Tetibe terigtkn blog ni..
Typing this while laying down on my bed..
Tunggu mata tertutup je.. ahaa..

Anyways, alhamdulillah..
Heroes conference was a success..
Not that i was able to listen to the talks the whole time
But helping the heroes team and being part of the ushering crew was a great experience
As i've never actually participated in programs as a committee.
And masyaAllah, i was really inspired by what brother Kashmiri shared during the postmortem just now.
They're doing all of these lillah.. :')
How many of us do something with a very pure heart and with the right niyyah? :'(
Let's reflect back on ourselves.

Skrg ni, saye da ngantuk..
So lets hv a gd rest.
Bismikallahumma ahya wa amuut.
Wassalam :)

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