Wednesday, 4 September 2013

1/2 hour break, and updates.

sitting at a corner.. at the 7th storey of the national library.. trying to construct proper sentences for my practical training report, which i have to submit by friday, 6th September.
googled for report writing tips, earpiece put on, but no music is being played. just enjoying the sound of the surroundings. the sound of typing on keyboards, pages being flipped, and tiny voices whispering to each other.. the people around me looked so focused with whatever they're doing, but here i am, covered with my blue sweater, trying to finish a report, with a little distraction (or maybe a lot) from twitter, whatsapp, facebook and instragram. and.....  a sudden crave to have mcd. -.-'

life's good so far. even if it's bad, life must go on. hah.
reality check: its already wednesday. and im going back to kl on sunday.
sem 1's gonna start soon. and it means that i'm left with just 2 more long semesters + 1 short semester.
a year to go. and i don't feel like graduating so soon.
i wish to prolong my stay in uia.
double degree, if possible. 

so.. a popular question here.. "buat ape lepas grad?".
i.... really have no answer to that, at the moment.
masters? mungkin saje.
kahwin? mungkin juga. #eh
tapi calon? belum ade.
i enjoy being single, for now. tapi wonder jgk if i've met my soulmate.
oh well, i'll just reserve myself for someone who deserves me.
wallahu a'lam. *seram sejuk plak bebual topic ni.* err.

i think i've got to stop now. spent half an hour writing such long crap when im supposed to write my report T_T but its nice blogging after some time :) cuz i enjoy typing and penning down my thoughts/feelings rather than expressing them out loud.

anyways, sorry for the rojak language. and with that, i shall end with wassalam. may Allah bless us always. :)

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