Sunday, 2 February 2014

Road to SUKIPT 2014

I had an option not to join them for training during the semester break, but I came back to KL instead, to join them. Nope, it was not a forced act, but instead I chose to do that on my own will, knowing that I'm responsible to take care of the team, as the appointed Team Manager for the next game, alongside the Captain.

I actually felt sorry to Mak and Ayah for not spending my time fully in Singapore during the break. I knew, and I could sense their dislikes towards my decision. Deep down, I was torn between two; family and teammates. But I realized that it's a job that I need to handle. I need to be there with them to give my support. I need to attend the meetings. I need to observe their progress, as the game is drawing near. And, I'd like to spend my remaining free time in UIA, before I graduate later.

Walhamdulillah, with my participation in the daily trainings with the team, set aside the quantity, I've gained new knowledge, I've regained my fitness though at a very slow pace, and surely, I could feel that the bond between us have strengthen, especially with the new faces.

Now, we're only left with 8 days before the departure to UiTM. I hope I'm not asking much, but whoever is reading this, please do support and pray for them who will be battling against the opponents of their classes. May victory be with them, with Allah's will. من جد وجد.

Please do pray for me as well, as the new semester will commence this Monday. Though I'm not certain yet, but I think it will be my last long semester in this university. Hmm. Time flies too fast. Do pray for me, okay? Thank you, goodnight, and Assalamualaikum. :)

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