Monday, 3 March 2014

weekend remedy part 1

Assalamualaikum & good morning. I'm feeling the Monday blues, but then I was reminded by Ust Salaam's tagline; "Be Happy". Yup, we need to be happy and to think positive in our good and bad times. Because it will help us in the process of achieving our ultimate goal. :)

So what's this muqaddimah all about? Heh. Actually I just came back yesterday from a 2D1N retreat, organized by A.R.T. at Hawa Resort, Janda Baik. Alhamdulillah, banyak yang dipelajari from this retreat. Bukan benda baru sangat pun. But the aim of this retreat is to take a step back from our daily lives, to make some reflections in order to rediscover ourselves, and apply it when we get back to the reality.

Among the things that I'd love to share;

We had to do a Personality Temperament Test where we rate ourselves based on the characteristics provided on the paper. And based on the results, I just discovered that I'm an equal Phlegmatic and Melancholic type of person sebab both scores are the same.

So the profile of a MelPhleg/PhlegMel:

Some of the greatest scholars the world has ever known have been MelPhlegs. They are not nearly as prone to hostility as the two previous melancholies, and usually get along well with others. These gifted introverts combine the analytical perfectionism of the melancholy with the organized efficiency of the phlegmatic. They are usually good-natured humanitarians who prefer a quiet, solitary environment for study and research to the endless rounds of activities sough by the more extroverted temperaments. 
MelPhlegs are usually excellent spellers and good mathematicians (so not -.-). These gifted people have greatly benefited humanity. Most of the world's significant inventions and medical discoveries have been made by MelPhlegs.
Of all the temperament blends, the PhlegMel is the most gracious, gentle, and quiet. He is rarely angry or hostile and almost never says anything for which he must apologize (mainly because he rarely says much). He never embarrasses himself or others, always does the proper thing, dresses simply, and is dependable and exact. He tends to have the spiritual gifts of mercy and help, and he is neat and organized in his working habits. Like any phlegmatic, he is handy around the house and as energy permits will keep his home in good repair. If he has a wife who recognizes his tendencies toward passivity (but tactfully waits for him to take the lead in their home), they will have a good family life and marriage. However, if she resents his reticence to lead and be aggressive, she may become discontented and foment marital strife. He may neglect the discipline necessary to help prepare his children for a productive, self-disciplined life and so "provoke his children to wrath" just as much as the angry tyrant whose unreasonable discipline makes them bitter.
 The other weaknesses of this man revolve around fear, selfishness, negativism, criticism, and lack of self-image. Once a PhlegMel realizes that only his fears and negative feelings about himself keep him from succeeding, he is able to come out of his shell and become an effective man, husband, and father. Most PhlegMels are so afraid of over-extending themselves or getting over involved that they automatically refuse almost any kind of affiliation.
 Personally I have never seen a PhlegMel over involved in anything - except in keeping from getting over involved. He must recognize that since he is not internally motivated, he definitely needs to accept more responsibility than he thinks he can fulfill, for that external stimulation will motivate him to greater achievement. All phlegmatics work well under pressure, but it must come from outside.

So that's my personality and that's why I act the way I do. :)

Nak share byk lg sebab ni baru 1/4 of the whole program. Tapi disebabkan time constraint and nak pegi classss~ so to be continued insyaAllah in another post kalau rajin. But before I end, let me just share a piece of reminder;

Selalu2 lah check your intentions, your niat. Recheck them from time to time. Sebab manusia sering lupa, alpa & senang tersasae. Tapi kalau niat kita ikhlas dalam apapepun perkara yg kita buat, insyaAllah Allah permudahkan urusan kita so that we can reach our ultimate goal. Lg2 as a student skrg ni. :)

Good day.

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