Friday, 7 March 2014

OHANA. A live life lesson.

Jumu'ah mubarakah! Hihi assalamualaikum.
In a gooood mood as I'm on the journey back to hometown. YEAY. Walaupun rasa berat sebenarnya nak balik sebab banyak kerja blum buat. Next week ada 1 midterm and 1 submission. Pastu ada hati nak ikut pegi UPSI. Erm balik ni memang thin chances la kan nak buat kerja.
Tapi tk kisah. Sebab ni je masa yg mcm sesuai utk balik. Since when tak balik? Since last semester break, 2 weeks prior to the start of new semester. That time dapat spend around 1 week je cuti out of the 3 weeks of holiday. So yes, jom balik! :D
Anyway, the point of updating this is because I want to share about a live example of Ohana which I saw yesterday. :)
I was walking back to my mahallah late evening of yesterday, around 6:40pm, after having my dinner at HS. Feeling tired, I just walked slowly. I prefer taking a long walk back rather than taking the "stairs of death" anyway. Haha. Habis kelas hari2 kul 5, penat ngantuk. So memang almost every petang jalan je.
K anyways, before simpang nk masuk road towards nusaibah-sumayyah-salahuddin tu, I saw a big dog (the mum) and two of her puppies. One in black while the other is in light brown. Puppies sumpah cute. T.T  At that point of time, I wish I could touch them. So anyways, when I saw them, I walked even slower, just to observe them from the opposite side of the pavement. Then the mom crossed over, to the grasses near to AIKOL. Then the black puppy followed the mother. But the brown puppy didn't cross. Unsure what was its reason. But it was just sitting there, not following. Pastu mak dia macam da jalan2 jauh jugak, followed by the blackie.
But as soon as blackie realized that brownie was still at the other side of the road, he stopped for awhile. LEPAS TU DIA PATAH BALIK for his bro/sis! That very moment really touched my heart. It strucked me. And the term "OHANA" which means, "no one gets left behind" came into my mind. :'))
Just like humans, animals pun ada perasaan and tau apa erti 'family'.  And walau macam mane kerap sekalipun kite gurau and gaduh dgn adik beradik kita, we will still care about them. (Tapi dlm case ni, mak dia tak prasan anak tertinggal kat blkg, so... erm no comment. Haha!)
Hais tak boleh la nampak benda2 sweet touching2 ni. It touches my soft spot. For the love of animals. And with that live life lesson, I will try to be a better family member.. for my family, for my teammates, and for my friends, InsyaAllah. ❤
Doakan selamat perjalanan pulang ni. Tenkiu. :)

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