Thursday, 6 March 2014

Weekend remedy part 2

continuation from the previous post.

So after the Personality temperament Test, there's this one paper titled "how others see me". So we had to write down on everyone's paper how we think of that person. There's 3 columns, namely: "First impressions", "The truth about you", and "Rooms for improvement".

So the results that I got after the time ended......

Other people's first impression on me: 
Firm - Sporty - Cute - Kecoh - Love Cat - Friendly & animal lover - Quiet - Easy going - Active - Pendiam - Quiet & very tall - arrogant - garang

The truth about you column:
Friendly - Easy to get along - a VERY fair person - awesome friend - nice - not arrogant - talkative - helpful

Rooms for improvement:
keep loving the cat. (lol)

Results were not that shocking though because at times that's what I thought people would think about me. But thanks to everyone's honest thoughts. :)

Then comes the part when I had to rediscover myself. I had to list down the roles I play in life, and my responsibilities. Part tulis ni, sume orang senyap. Haha. Memang part ni macam buat self-reflections. It helped me realize the responsibilities that I carry, as an undergraduate, as the youngest in my family, as a student-athlete, as a servant of Allah, as a friend, and as a normal human being.

Then we came to a heavier module, "My GPS". The goals I want to achieve in this life. Sekali lagi sume orang senyap bile buat part ni. Sebab tak pernah serious bile fikirkan future. Macam masih terkapai2, tak sure. What will I do in 1 year, what will I do in 3 years, what will I do in 6 years, what's the plan in 10 years. I was really in a deep thought when I had to write down my goals. The 1 year and 3 years future plan is okay and clear. But who has ever thought what to do in 10 years? Okay maybe just me. -.- But by then I'm going to be 33. Haha. Hmm still unsure.

Anyway, I'm not satisfied with what I've written. Let it remain a secret. Heh. But when some others shared their plans, I was in awe. Apapepun, may Allah ease all our affairs in this life, whether it's long planned beforehand, or it is an impromptu decision, or by just following the flow. Afterall, we do make lots of plans, but Allah is still the best of all planners.

to be continued. Got class! chow.

p/s: bahaya ni dah ada blog follower. :X

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