Saturday, 30 August 2014

what awaits?

Assalamu'alaikum. :)
It's been two months since the last post kan huhu. Ramadhan and Syawal has been splendid alhamdulillah. And alhamdulillah sekali lagi for my unofficial graduation dengan selesainya the laaaaast final exam, last Saturday. Siapa sangka empat tahun berlalu dengan begitu cepat. Masa baru-baru masuk UIA 2nd quarter of 2010, bila kira-kira sendiri kat sini ada 4 tahun, terasa lama gitu. But it's all a matter of time. Pejam-celik pejam-celik, moving on from one semester to another, meeting new friends, learning new things, tiba-tiba I'm already at the end of my undergraduate journey. Syukur. Sangat bersyukur kerana diberi peluang, diberi kesihatan, diberi akal fikiran, untuk belajar dan menimba ilmu sampai ke tahap ni. Tanpa bantuan dan sokongan dari family terutamanya serta rakan dan sahabat seperjuangan, mungkin semangat dalam diri pun tak sekental ni. Terima kasih semuanya. :')

The early moments of undergraduate life are still vivid in my memory and I could still reminisce those moments clearly. Enrolling in a university after pre-u was not really a plan that I eagerly wanted to pursue back then, considering my okay/average A-level results hewhew. Being an ignorant person myself, I am the type that would just go with the flow and care less about future plannings, even for my own. That is one of my weak point, which doesn't really match with how people see or perceive me as that-organized-perfectionist-type-of-girl. No. Haha. Or maybe I do, but it depends on situations. Okay but my personality doesn't really matter. What I'm actually trying to say is that, I did not really plan to end up in UIA, but I eventually did. And I couldn't thank Him enough for the path that He has planned for me, up til today.

There were moments of happiness and sadness, when the skies are blue or when it turns grey. And as a student, you can never run away from hardships. To deal with studies, to deal with friends, groupmates, roommates, adapting with campus life, away from family, plus all other miscellaneous happenings. But those kind of hardships were actually planned - by Him - to guide you, to make you into a better person. It depends on each individual as how to deal with any kind of hardships. As for me, throughout these four years, I've grown to be somewhat more independent as I tried to manage myself on my own, most of the time. Though there were times when I seek for other people's help. It's not arrogance. But I've been taught not depend too much on other people. Discover yourself. Unleash your abilities. 'Cause you are actually more than what you think you are. :)


So what are my plans after graduation?

I do have plans lining up in my to-do-list. Few months back, my head messed up with the routes I had in mind to further my studies. Yup, for now, that is plan A. But compared to my previous set of plans for plan A, I have now set a clear path insyaAllah. Doakan that Allah will ease this path that I chose.

Besides plan A, I have marriage for plan B. kah kah. Walaupun benda ni rasa macam kelakar tapi perlu diambil serius jugak considering my age is coming to 23. Sebab dulu, tak "dulu" sangat lah, time third/fourth year gitu. Memang dah terfikir, paling muda kalau kahwin is 23 years old, which is after graduation. I think the timing is just nice. Malangnya sampai sekarang that special someone belum nak muncul. Hahahahahaha kbye. Lagi-lagi bila dapat kakak ipar of the same age, yang nikah on the same day of her graduation. Tak best ke? Hehe. 

Tapi tu bahagian orang lain. As for me, I know I'm not fit yet to serve someone else as a wife dengan character yang belum cukup matang dan banyak lagi kelemahan dalam diri yang perlu diubah dan tahap iman perlu ditambah. Nak jadi seorang yang solehah bukan mudah. I have flaws and I'm imperfect. And I won't ask for a perfect lad in return either. Cuma diri ini sentiasa berdoa yang Allah akan pertemukan dia yang cukup baik untuk sama-sama membimbing ke arah yang lebih sempurna. Taknak tergesa-gesa pun, haritu kawan mak pesan, "Nadiah, sekarang ni you just live your life, enjoy your life, belajar rajin2, go and travel, make lots of friends, yes you can have boy-friends, tapi tak mau kelam kabut, choose someone that would go though everything with you, someone that you would want to live the rest of your life with." This, is meaningful. Thanks for the advice, cik Salmah.

I'll stop here for now. Doakan saya.

p/s: I actually have a lot to say
But I guess some things are better left unsaid...

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