Sunday, 21 September 2014

Tokyo: Quwais travel diary 1.0

20 Sep '14 | 12:09am

Bismillahi walhamdulillah. Currently flying 36000 feet above South China Sea. Just finished watching Maleficent and can't put myself to sleep because of my blocked nose. Caught a flu before boarding the plane. Huhu. Alhamdullillah the flight is okay so far, just minor rocky and bumpy fly as it constantly hit clusters of clouds. There's nothing that I wished for besides sincerely hoping and praying that this airplane will land safely in Tokyo, insyaAllah. Ameen. 

Hmm. The feeling was a little bit mixed prior to taking off..  Considering recent happenings on MAS airlines. But I put my trust in Him, because He the is the best of Protector.

Sitting beside the window, touching the glass, and I could feel the chills of outside temperature. It's -47 degree celsius outside. Hehu. I could also see some lightnings with my bare eyes just outside the window. It was pretty near and my heart somehow skipped a beat seeing it that close. Just... Subhanallah.

12:34 am now, time to get some sleep. Will be reaching Tokyo ard 5:25am. Hope to catch the sunrise from the flight as the Fajr there is around 4 am. Ahha. With that, I'll end this entry. I'm just utterfly thankful for this opportunity. Ayah kata, ni hadiah for completing a degree. Alhamdulillah..

To be continued...

5:24am update - touched down

6:40 am update - (5:40am Singapore) Tokyo is 1 hour ahead of Singapore time. But 6.40am here is like 8:30am. Bright sky, cool breeze, fresh air.  ☺️

8:30 am update - currently waiting for next domestic flight. Had breakfast at Starbucks. Can't be fussy over the food here. As long as it's edible and hopefully there are no forbidden ingredients, just telan. Anyways, love the customer service at the airport. Tip top. They are so generous with their smile. A pleasant experience so far. :)

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