Friday, 25 November 2016


A gush of emotion seeps through this lonely soul
Like a flow of blood rushing through the veins
Feeling heavy, as I look at your smiling pictures
on my phone interface

had I not decided to forget
the little memory that we shared
a short period of time
which turned me insane
not a day, not two days
but it knocks through me
nights and days

what charm have you spelled
making this weak heart swell
of frustration I wish to yell
I dived too deep and ended up in dwell

Recollecting my inner self
recomposing my heart and soul
for love has turned me into an elf
as your presence has left a hole

wounded, caused by my own feelings
one-sided, that is how it seems
it was me whose heart is too flimsy
falling in love is always too easy
reassuring the heart to just let it go
but the whispering mind is the pain that follows...

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