Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Aim and mission.

I've got people questioning me
- Oh kenape tukar course?
- Why amek masters kat UIA?
- Isn't Malaysian degree (ICT specifically) not/less recognized in Singapore??

I'd smile before I answer such questions. Sometimes I ask myself the same questions too..
and... Why am I still here?

I changed my course because I want to work in the industry that I know I would enjoy in the long run. No, I'm not saying that I what I studied for four years in my Bachelor years were a waste. Not at all. I truly am thankful that I took IRK in UIA, receiving all the ilm from respectful and knowledgeable lecturers. At the same time, I took ICT as my minor. And I found joy in learning something very new which surprisingly reflected in my grades. I developed more interest in that field, and the intention to develop myself in IT grow bigger.

I never thought of going back to IIUM to further my masters after my graduation. I looked into local institutions for possible chances to pursue a totally different degree. I also looked into other Malaysian institutions which ranked better than IIUM. But later on I found myself filling up the application form, once again, in IIUM. Well, partly because it's more economical and affordable here than in Singapore, and due to the fact that I've developed a sense of belonging in this campus.

I do acknowledge the fact that Malaysian certifications are less recognised (in SG) than local or other international certs but why does it matter? I believe if we truly know our purpose and give our best, we'll be able to get the best from this knowledge-seeking journey and later on we'll still get a place somewhere. On the other hand, I'd lie if I say I'm not jealous of those who further their studies overseas or in better institutions. But you know the saying that goes "semua orang dah ditetapkan rezeki masing-masing" right? Cliche, but true.

I also have other aims and goals. I'm keen to learn something new no matter where I'm situated at. I want to break free from the stereotype that "madrasah students habis belajar nanti jadi ustazah". I want to help myself and my family. I want my dad, and mum especially, to stop working. They're getting old and its time for them to relax. My sister and 2nd brother got married to Malaysians and they both now live in Mekkah and Selangor respectively. I'm now my family's hope. I've yet to repay my parents sacrifices for giving me all-round supports to date. I don't know why this is getting emotional. But this is the burden I'm carrying on my shoulders. I'm away from home, shaping myself to be a better person who's able to contribute back to the family and society.

But why do people question so much.........?

Dear self,
Don't be disheartened by words that may break you apart
Don't be affected by the negative and passive surroundings
All is well. Heads up, and smile.
Hold on to your ground and prove them wrong.

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