Saturday, 14 January 2017


They don't originally belong there
Yet they have to call it 'home'
With the notion that it is 'safer' than their own

They must have gone through a certain life episode
Which we may not experience
Nor are we able to fathom how they went through

They are still young
Some are so bright
While some may act a little bit different from others
Breaking our perception of how kids should be behaving
In a certain way and manner

It pains my heart
Seeing a few of them
Responding harshly towards one another
Verbally and/or physically
tears started to gather
I glanced away
Not able to look any further

How did their fate turned out this way?
What made their parents or guardian come to a decision of sending them to this 'home'?
Why do they have to depend on their friends of the same fortune?
How do they manage to live on, one day after another?

Having to look after each other
Going through the same routine everyday
Knowing that they are socially different from other kids out there
Pretending like they were having so much fun
But at some point of time they looked like they were doing it because they had to
Because there are no other options
Because they are one of the residents

How fortunate are we to have a house we call home?
To have parents taking care of us since we were small?
Yet sometimes we take these blessings for granted

We bid them goodbye knowing that we were leaving
They waved us goodbye acknowledging that they have to stay for another day

"Bile kakak nak dtg lagi?"
Today's programme left me with a whole new perpective.
I sincerely am affected,
real deep...

P/s: Be well. Study well.
I pray that Allah will lift off this adversity from you adik-adik,
and grant each one of you a successful future.
Learn, and let history not repeat itself.


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